Book Lists 2017


Click here for 2nd Class Booklist 17-18

All Junior Infant books are arranged for by the school.


Senior Infants Book List 2017/18

Below are the books to be purchased by parents. 

MATHS:   Planet Maths Senior Infants (Folens)

ENGLISH: Skill Books: Exercise Your English B – Senior Infants (EDCO)

Writing:       Ready to Write B1 (Cursive) 

RELIGION:  Grow in Love 

Arts & Craft, Photocopying, Stationery,

Classroom Resources                                                                         €44.00

 *Book Rental                                                                                      €10.00

 Insurance:                                                                                            € 6.00

TOTAL: (payable to Class Teacher 31st August)                  €60.00



ENGLISH:     Jolly Phonics: Grammar 1 Pupil Book

                        Ready to Write C1: An Introduction to Cursive (EDCO)

                        Exercise your English 1 (EDCO)

 GAEILGE:     Bua na Cáinte 1 (EDCO)


MATHS:         Busy at Maths 1st Class – CJ Fallon

                        Master Your Maths 1 – CJ Fallon      

RELIGION:   Grow in Love 1st Class Primary 3 – Veritas

 Copies: A4 Plastic Folder x 2

            1 Sketchpad

 Art & Craft, Photocopying, etc.                                     €40.00

 *Book Rental                                                                         €10.00

 Insurance                                                                               €6.00

 Homework Diary/Tables Book/Copies                         €9.00

These will be ordered by the school.

Total for the above:                                                              €65.00


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