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Active Schools Week

ASW 2018

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What an amazing week we had! The weather was good and we had plenty of opportunities to take our activities outside and really enjoy being active under blue skies.

Daily activities continued throughout the week such as 10 at 10, the Big School Walk on Monday and our School Dance on Thursday. In addition, all staff and children wore tracksuits for the week.

At yard time we danced every day on yard and had circuits including Burpees and Star jumps on the go.

The First Classes walked to the library on Wednesday for Spring into Storytime.  Everyone did plenty of laps of the schools in Sli na Slainte.  Senior Infant classes took part in obstacle courses.

We are doing a ‘Run to Russia’ challenge which means attempting to lap 5990KM which is the equivalent of the distance from here to the World Cup on 14th June!!! Wish us Luck!

Senior Classes did a Skipathon and we held an Art Competition too!! Phew!! What a lot of ACTION!!

SFX JNS is cool and an Active School :)



The week began on Friday with the 2nd classes going to Draíocht to see Coiscéim, a contemporary dance company perform ‘Peter and the Wolf’. The week previous we were really lucky to receive free workshops with the same dance company for our second classes prior to their visit to Draíocht. The junior classes took part in obstacle courses.

On Tuesday the senior infants had a dance class with Emma Pierce and all children took part in a ‘Design a Poster’ competition that included our active school motto. A winner from each class level was picked and their winning posters were displayed on our Active School noticeboard. Well done to all! First classes also enjoyed an outdoor obstacle course.

Wednesday saw the entire school perform our school dance in the yard. Also on Wednesday the first and second classes took part in a Skipathon.

Thursday the senior infants had great fun doing lots of different activities on the big green beside our school. Junior infants danced with Emma. The class relay began in senior infants and each class completed a Slí na Sláinte rotation before passing the baton onto the next class.

On Friday we slowed things down for a while and did some yoga, second classes went swimming and the junior and senior infants played games outside. Each child received a certificate of participation for a job well done and completion of a great week for all children and staff alike.

We are looking forward to next year already and remember if you have any ideas you would like to share for keeping our school active just pop the idea on a piece of paper and drop it into the ‘suggestion box’ beside the Active Flag noticeboard.



Check out the latest photos and videos from ASW


Room 10


The Golden Runner

Golden Runner (2)IMG_2610

School Dance!

School Dance Getting Ready!Great Movement


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