VoiceWorks:  A Drama Workshop for children attending St Francis Xavier’s School – 1st Class to 6th Class – is held each week in the Junior School Hall.  The emphasis in Term 1 is on confidence building and speech work through creative drama.  In Term 2 we work towards our Annual Festival of Speech and at the end of the term an adjudicator comes to access each child’s performance.  This is always an exciting night for the students and gives parents an opportunity to view their child’s progress.
Classes are of 45 minutes duration and are divided according to the children’s class in school.  There are two terms of ten sessions and each term costs €60.00.  Enrolment will take place in the Junior School Hall on Monday 19th September from 2.45 to 3.45 with classes commencing the following week.  Further information from maeveod@gmail.com                              

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