Poetry Day Ireland

We had a wonderful celebration of Poetry Day Ireland in our school very recently.  A child from each year group recited a poem over the intercom.


3rd Class:  ‘Ar an Trá‘, recited by Elizabeth from room 15


4th Class:  ‘Daffodils’, by William Wordsworth, recited by Evan from room 11.


5th Class:  ‘The Tyger’, by William Blake, recited by Emmet from room 5.


6th Class:  ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley, recited by Alison from room 2.


Each child recited their chosen poem beautifully and gave an insight into why the poem meant so much to them.


‘The message in the poem is to never lose hope no matter how bad things are.  Nelson Mandela loved this poem and taught it to his fellow prisoners on Robben Island.’ (Alison, room 2, about her chosen poem, ‘Invictus’).

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