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Our really successful Active School Week took place in May.  Children got active homework only for the week.  Our school dance was ‘The best Day of my Life’.

On Tuesday, the whole school walked around the neighbourhood holding our school banner.  Senior Infants completed an obstacle course during the week.

On Wednesday, children brought an extra piece of fruit to school and enjoyed it as a healthy breakfast.  We ran a kilometre around the school every day.  We completed the exercise challenge during small break each day. 1st and 2nd class had a skipathon. 1st classes walked to the library for a story on Thursday.  2nd class had GAA.

We continued our Walk on Wednesday (WoW!)

On Friday we did some yoga in our classrooms.  Everyone designed posters for Active School Week.  Every child received a certificate for participating in our really busy fun week.  Thank you for all your support helping us to keep active this year!

Keep up to date on the Latest Action with the ASF TEAM .. and remember the motto..

‘If you want to be cool, have an active school’

Active School Week 2017

  • This year ASW will take place from Friday 28th April – Thursday 4th May.

  • Get those runners out!

Physical Education

  • We constantly review our levels of activity within the school and how we might increase levels bearing in mind that children should engage in moderate to vigorous activity for 60 minutes per day.
  • Staff have engaged in CPD in the areas of Sports Conditioning, badminton, running and the inclusion of children with SEN in activities
  • We draw from many resources throughout the year e.g. PSSI, ASAP, Fit4class and the primary school curriculum (1999) to mention a few


Physical Activity

  • Our school yard has been zoned for further activity.
  • A range of activity is encouraged in school yard e.g. skipping, ladders, dance and football
  • We have established a ‘Slí na Sláinte’ that incorporates the school perimeter and all classes actively complete as many as possible during the week. The winner receives the ‘Golden Runner’
  • Some classes applied for a 10 week running programme from Athletics Ireland
  • Last year our school engaged with the LAYA Super Troopers Health Homework Programme.
  • We enjoy dancing and incorporate dance during transition and for movement breaks. We love Go Noodle and freestyle!


  • We are very lucky to be able to avail of the experience and knowledge of our local partnerships e.g. Castleknock GAA, Coolmine Sports and Leisure, Local Dance School and Fingal Sporting Body

Events and activities for ASF

Our journey towards our Active School Flag began last April. Initially, this involved our staff meeting on many occasions at the outset of our application to complete self-evaluations in the areas of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Partnerships. The school community and most importantly the children were informed of our intent and the children’s excitement was very encouraging.

A school committee involving both teachers and children was created. Furthermore, a competition was undertaken among the children to find a suitable school motto. The children on the active school committee decided on the final motto. In fact, do you know our active school motto?? If not keep reading and we promise to let you know before the end!

Our very first and successful Active School Week took place during a sunny week in May last year and we all enjoyed a week filled with plenty activity and a lot of fun. Some activities that you may have heard about that took place during that week are outlined below:

  • DEAR, Drop Everything And Run
  • GAA classes in partnership with St Brigid’s Castleknock
  • Exercise challenge during small break
  • Junior ‘hopstacle course’
  • School relay
  • Staff ‘walk to school day’
  • Flexi-Friday yoga
  • School dance
  • Dance class
  • Children and staff wore their tracksuits all week

However, our journey did not finish there. Becoming an active school is an ongoing process and as a school we continue to implement initiatives that encourage children to become active. You may have heard your child or children refer to some or many of their favourite initiatives below:

  • Go Noodle movement breaks
  • Bizzy Breaks
  • Active news recorded and displayed on class doors
  • ‘Golden Runner’ for class completing most ‘Sli na Slaintes (381 metres approx!)’ over a certain period of days
  • Active Zones in the yard
  • We do our ‘Talking while we are Walking’
  • Food dudes Healthy Eating Programme
  • Dance with Emma
  • Teachers record children’s ‘active homework’ and each teacher displayed the children’s pictures
  • Swimming classes
  • Autumn trail by senior infants in the Phoenix Park
  • Took part in Operation Transformation’s 10@10

Make sure to keep your ears and eyes open for some upcoming initiatives that we will be running (excuse the pun!) in the future;

  • A 10 week teacher led running programme, in association with Athletics Ireland
  • An ‘active teddy’ may visit your house.

This year our Active School Week is planned for Friday 28th April – Thursday 4th May. We are looking forward to another week filled with physical activities and fun but above all a chance for all children to experience success and the benefits that being physically active brings.

Finally, we encourage you as parents and the wider school community to get involved in helping us become an active school. In doing so, please note that in the coming weeks we would ask you to consider a ‘walking school bus’ and to contribute your ideas on how we might further increase our activity levels in school or you may have a great idea for ASW. Please post these ideas in our permanent suggestions box in our AS area.


By the way our active school motto is:

‘If you want to be cool, have an active school’

Here we are working hard towards getting our Active Flag!

Dancing with Emma

Halloween Spooky Sli na Slainte!