General Information

Opening Hours  

School begins at 8.50am. Junior and Senior Infant classes finish at 1.30pm. The First and Second classes finish at 2.30pm.

Break times are 10.00 – 10.15/10.15 – 10.30 and 11.35 – 11.55/11.55 – 12.15.

School Uniform

The uniform consists of a red gingham shirt/blouse and a red tie, grey slacks/pinafore/skirt and a grey v-necked cardigan or jumper. Tracksuits are generally worn on PE days with the full uniform on the other days of the week.

However, we are alternating the uniforms due to current circumstances. Children wear tracksuits on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the uniform worn on the remaining days of the week.

Gently used uniforms are available from our Parents Association

Uniforms for the school are available from Mr. Price (Blanchardstown Centre) and Leddy’s Uniforms in Blanchardstown Village (Saint Brigid’s Shopping Centre, 3 Main St, Blanchardstown, 01 8235466)

After School Activities

Several activities are catered for in the school after school hours. These activities include Speech and Drama, Sport, Music, Irish Dancing, Cubs and Scouts, Arts and Crafts, Homework Club and Ballet. A fun filled two-week long Summer Camp open to children from the Junior School is also organised.

Healthy Eating Guidelines

We have a healthy food policy in St Francis Xavier JNS.  We encourage you to make healthy food choices.  Snacks such as sandwiches, bread rolls, a plain biscuit or a scone are acceptable.

The morning break (or little break) at 10.30am is Fruit Break.
A piece of fruit or vegetable (peeled or prepared if necessary) may be brought outside to the yard to be eaten during playtime.

Children should have a small bottle of water or juice available to them every day (screw-top/sports-top, plastic & recyclable). On Fridays, pupils may bring one small treat as part of their snack.

The following items are not allowed in school:

Fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets or chocolate.  Sharp implements such as forks, knives, cocktail sticks or any other should never be included in a child’s lunchbox.

We discourage convenience lunch/snack products e.g. Lunchables (because they are processed, expensive, heavy on packaging, messy to eat and create competition between children).

Managing Waste

Compost bins are provided in each classroom and on the yard for fruit/vegetable waste. Children should bring home other food and leftovers in their lunchboxes, so parents may monitor how much a child is eating. This policy is part of our Green Schools Initiative – we currently have facilities to recycle paper and cardboard, as well as composting in the school.

School Tours

As part of the extended curriculum the children often attend various activities happening in the local area. Trips to the local library and the arts centre ‘Draiocht’ are organised as are school tours of an educational nature.

School Rules

Our school has rules that are implemented on a consistent and fair basis to ensure fair play and the safety of all our students. We adopt a positive attitude to behaviour and regularly follow the ‘Incredible Years’ approach in our classroom management.

All children are encouraged to abide by these rules but we must also depend on your full support and cooperation at all times. Please read our Code of Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy.

Other agencies

As a school we liaise closely with many important outside agencies, all of which are a great support to children, parents and teachers. These include the H.S.E., Child and Family Centres, the National Educational Psychological Service and Fingal County Council.

Administration of Medication Procedure

Non-prescription medication is not permitted in school. Under no circumstances should any medication be placed in a child’s schoolbag. The school does not consider requests to administer antibiotics, throat spray, etc.

Children who have Asthma and need to use Inhalers/Ventilating flasks should be able to self-administer under adult supervision in so far as this is possible. You need to make the class teacher aware of the condition.

Severe allergies requiring an Adrenalin Pen should be highlighted at the time of your child’s enrolment.  Anapen devices will be stored in the Principal’s office.

If your child suffers from a condition that necessitates regular administration of medicine during the school day or which may necessitate administration of emergency medication, you need to speak with the principal who will arrange for the child’s medication needs to be met. You should also inform the class teacher of any medical condition.

Guidelines for Birthday parties / Festivals etc.

The school does not consider requests to distribute party bags or birthday cakes.  This is to avoid issues surrounding allergies and conflicts with time tabled school work.

If your child is having a birthday party and inviting children from the class, it would be preferable if the distribution of invitations could be done outside school, as children who are not on the guest list can feel upset and isolated.  School personnel must adhere to the terms of the Data Protection Act and may not provide phone numbers or addresses of children in the class.