Principal’s Note

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to St. Francis Xavier Junior National School. Our school is a special place where we work very hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included. Respect and care underpin the daily workings of school life here. One of our favourite quotes from Doctor Seuss is, ‘A person’s a person, no matter how small.’

Our vision is that all of our children will achieve their full potential in a safe and happy environment. As teachers, we are committed to our own continuing professional development to ensure that the children experience the highest standard of education. We place a high value on collaboration with each other, parents, families and the wider school community to achieve the very best outcomes for all of our students.

We have recently achieved many awards for STEM, Active School, ISPCC Shield Flag, NPC Innovation prize and Green Flags and we are excited to continue working on these projects. All of our work is supported by our Parents Association and Board of Management.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kind regards,

Heidi Collins