Heidi Collins

14 March 2023

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Green School NEWS

The Green School Committee and children from Senior Infants have been busy doing a Spring Clean around the grounds of our school. We found lots of rubbish hiding in bushes and separated it into recycled materials and general waste. Then we did a litter audit and recorded the data.

Our Green Team continue to work towards our fourth flag – Travel. As part of this initiative, we have introduced “Clean Air Céadaoin”. On Wednesdays, children and teachers are encouraged to take a short walk around the school grounds to appreciate the clean air we are fortunate to have. This is in parallel with our WOW days where we can walk/scoot/cycle to school but will also mean that all children can feel included.

And check out the photographs from the recent air pollution experiment that was conducted by our Green School Committee. The test was carried out over the course of a week and measured the air pollution at our drop off and pick up zones – the main entrance and the Tesco carpark. The particles seen are evident of the air pollution around these zones.